-Life Lesson-

About Imperfections

I’m not perfect, and neither does anyone. So that’s okay.

Currently, I’ve been learning how to differentiate between justifying and accepting how I really feel. I am learning to realize that not everything I feel is right, but it doesn’t mean they’re not valid. Denying my imperfections won’t drive me anywhere. I, if really want to change, have to accept it first. Sometimes I am jealous of others, sometimes I am a mess, well, a lot of times; sometimes I’m wrong, but, guess what? It’s okay. every feeling is valid. However, it doesn’t mean I’m always right.  And that’s where I need to let myself learn. I want to give myself more space to grow. I want to accept the fact that I am not perfect, nor am I an angel that never does anything wrong, then slowly I’ll learn how to be the better me.

– Auru


3 replies on “About Imperfections”


Your article is short but it’s very effective! Thank you so much for enlightening me with just a few words.

Your article has assisted me immensely, and for that reason, I am following your blog now. 🙂


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It’s my pleasure! 🙂
I am eagerly waiting for your future posts!
Also, may I ask you for a small favor? Since you have such beautiful writing, would you mind checking out my blog? Your feedback will be invaluable to me. Thank you very much!


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