About me


My name is Auru, i am 19th years old. I am an extrovert person who really loves to write and express my mind. I’m highly imaginative.

This is my journey to discover how to create a life i love, enjoy every single things happen on my life, and learn by that.

Alteirauru is a personal journal, growth, and life lessons.

Here, i want to share about the things i learnt from life, seeing things from different perspective, and advice to becoming our better self and radiate power and bright.

Why i started blogging?

I dreamt to be a consistent blogger since i was 12th years old. And now i’ve been trying to reach it.

I loved to share what i feel and i think. i needed the page to express them all. And maybe it’s the perfect place to do so.

I want to bloom, i want to create something by myself. Since i can’t be the ‘ideal’ person as everyone want me to be, i want to create and do something i love, enjoy, and be the best version of myself.

I need to say, learn, love, and i want to explain something that can’t left out of my mouth easily. And here maybe you’ll know more about my thoughts, a corner of my life struggle and journey.

My Story

I grew up as a “good” person when i was child. I had good achievements that day, but when i became teenager, i’ve been living in the ‘higher’ place that force me to do more to reach standard they take.

I was so frustrated at myself for not being able to figure life out. I felt like such a failure.

It really sucks. But I knew I couldn’t settle

I must grow.

I need to do more, as hard as i can, and i need to prove them that i’m not that miserable.

I want to do something ‘big’, i want to help others, but i had no idea what that looked like neither how to make it happen. I’m not as genius as everyone hope me to be. But still, i can grow.

I hope it is something valuable and worth to do. I hope it can develop me to be my best self, and help me to bloom and shine as bright as i can be.

And the most important, i wish i can help you to reach everything you want. And enjoy your best life.

If you want to contact me (for whatever reason) you can email me at

Grow more, do your best, and let’s bloom together.

Best regards,



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