-Loving and Caring-

It’s Okay

Instagram: nafaaurzh

I always make an internal monologue with myself whenever I start to feel negative.
p.s. I recommend you write it down so that you can look at it with the 3rd point of view.

“How do you feel?”
I feel insecure, I’m disappointed, I feel this and that..

“Why do you feel this way?”
Because xxxxx…

“I see.. It must be painful. You can cry if you want to. It’s okay, it’s normal to feel negative at some point in our lives.”

“Is the situation under your control? Can you do something about it?”

“If it still hurts, it’s okay. You can cry. Tomorrow, Let’s fight together!”

Sure, you can cry. Personally, I tend to cry easily. But it’s okay. Because I’m not crying because I am weak, I’m crying because I want to set myself free.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay.
Without tears, we may not be able to cherish the laugh as much. Insecurity helps us to understand where should we improve ourselves. So is loss, it teaches us to love deeply.

– Auru


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