A Secret Love Letter

Dear X, we had never talked for so long, and I’m grateful that we get closer as the way we used to be.

You’re still that clumsy girl with a lot of things on your mind, but at the same time, you’re stable as ever. Well to be really honest I was kinda shocked with your maturity, that I rarely find from other people.

I love the way you put yourself in other people’s shoes, the way you always take your time before reacting, the way you treat others, I love how you try to be considerate towards everyone.

You really want to be called “Cool and handsome” when in fact you’re utterly soft and cute.

Well, in terms of emotional stability, we’re clearly the opposite. I’m such an expressive and unstable mess… I learned a lot from you. I feel like a proud mama when I see how you’ve grown, when in fact I may look a lot more like a little kid.

Being highly imaginative, emotionally expressive, unstable, also selfish from time to time, who am I wanting to protect you.

I start to realize that we’re so different, but at the same time I’ve also been learning how difference can create harmony.

Time flies so fast, I’m grateful to know you.

– Auru


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