-Loving and Caring-

Stories Worth to Share

It took me years of being stuck in the total darkness to reach this level of self love & acceptance but the struggle is 1000% worth it.

And I believe everyone has stories worth to share, it would definitely help yourself, it may help somebody, and it may bring light to the world. I believe you matter a lot more than you thought you were.

It may sounds ridiculous,
“My story is not interesting”



You never know how much you can inspire somebody, you never know how your voice can save a life,
Hence, here’s my little stories. About how the world shapes me, about how life teaches me in so many languages. I don’t know if this would help, but I’ll keep writing anyway.

And I would love to hear yours.

It took me blood and tears, it took me scars, it took me suicide plans, but now I can proudly say,
“My light has come”

Sure, this is NOT a linear journey, I will have another tears, I may shed another blood,

But, when that day comes, I hope I can remember,
“My light will come again” 🙂

Brighter days will come, Wellness is possible.

Happy world suicide prevention day.

May life reminds you of hope, always.

– Auru


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