A Letter to Myself



First of all, I want to congratulate you on finally survived those all 17 roller-coaster-years of your life. Congratulations!

And welcome to your brand new 18th-year-old life.

You’ve come so far. You’ve changed so much. Looking back through the past years, you were lost. You had nothing but anxiety, and fears, about your future. You had no confidence at all, to speak up and deliver your thought to the world, you didn’t even have any courage to dream.

It’s okay. It’s okay if you still confuse, and don’t have anything figured out yet. It’s okay if you are still surrounded by uncertainty, and not being able to feel safe about your future. That’s actually the point. Just explore more, give your very best on something you’ve been doing, and don’t give up. Be the best version of yourself, every day.

Do what feels right and everything will be just fine

Thank you. Thank you for believing in yourself that you can grow. Thank you for being a little bit naive (lol). Thank you for finally giving yourself permission to dream big. Thank you for keep learning and improving.

Set the high standard of yourself, yet don’t ever forget to be grateful for what you’ve got. Be kind, listen more, give your extraordinary compassion to every single creature. You’ve come this far, make the most of it.

Happy birthday to you,

My favorite person of all time.



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