-Loving and Caring-

Beauty Standard

Sometimes I think that beauty is a matter of perception

Beauty standard is no more than an idealistic expectation people want you to be,

But, you know what’s interesting?

That’s not yours

That’s how the world want you to please them.

Talking about that,

Looking back through years ago, freckles are not pretty. Those are stains. It needs to be cleared, by concealer or foundation. Then things changed when people started to switch their perspective of beauty. I don’t really know who started this, but now the world tend to see freckles as something cute, either do I

Then the standard changed.

Freckles is no longer ugly,

They no longer need to be concealed,

They’re cute.

Either your flat nose,

Dark skin,


That’s not ugly.

That’s just something you have uniquely that may not fit with what people perceive as beautiful.

But you know, it’s their problem, not yours. That’s how they perceive beauty, not you. And that doesn’t mean you have to have the same perspective as everyone has.


What if we start to think that every shape of the nose is cute? What if we start to think that every single color of the skin is beautiful?

We don’t have to have exactly a similar perspective with others, right?

And we don’t have to please everyone

It’s our beauty standard,

It does matter to us,

Let’s change our ways to see beauty

And everything will change

– Auru


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