-Life Lesson-


Sometimes, It’s not easy to show what we truly like especially when it’s not something that the majority of people like. Sometimes, it’s not easy to do what sparks joy to us even when it harms nobody. And it’s even harder to speak up our unpopular opinion towards some issues.

It wasn’t (or it isn’t) easy for me, and I believe I’m not alone feeling this way. Because it’s safer and easier to go with the crowd, right? Being different means we’re more likely to be seen. And being seen means we’re more likely to be judged.

And slowly i was losing my own identity because I was too scared to be real. I wanted to be accepted. I was scared to be judged and abandoned because “I’m not like other people”.

But one day i realized, why do i have to feel guilty for doing the most basic human rights, of being free to express myself, as if I don’t deserve to have my own thoughts? And i started to reopen my perspective to realize that life has so many different colors, that i don’t have to limit myself in a black-and-white locked room. I’m learning to see the beauty of the difference, of colors, of ideas, of sounds, to realize that each of them resonates to create the beautiful harmony of the world.

I’m learning that those who won’t accept us the way we are aren’t our real friends. Because if they’re any friend of us, they want us to shine and give harmony into the world. Because if everything is the same, it would probably be meaningless.

Therefore I want you to sound your own voice into the world. Because the difference creates harmony, and the harmony creates beauty.

– Auru


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