-Loving and Caring-

Hate speech

This is actually the thing I’ve been keeping for a really long time, but unfortunately, I can’t find any solution yet.

Yes, hate speech.

Living in modern society, we can get any information easily. There’re so many sources, start from the official website, blog, even social media. Want to get some news and articles? Just google it. You can get them within 20 seconds or one minute.

It might be something practical and simplify our entire life.

A video, article, image, or even short post can be seen by millions of people around the world in such a short period of time. Everything could get viral easily. And everyone could express their opinion even anonymously.

And here we’re gonna find a lot of people really love giving hate speech on any occasion. They have never been able to let someone out there living in peace, they tend to argue literally everything, and even if they can’t find something wrong in other’s thoughts, they start to ad hominem. And you know what? They’re so many.

I mean, they’re so much!

I’ve been observing this for a quite long time, and I was like–

What the heck with human 😓

No matter how educative the post is, or how kind the person is, there’s someone who always going to talk bad about her/him. And the more famous you are, the more likely you get such hate speech or kind of that.

Idk but in my opinion, they have big insecurities and issues with their own life. And instead of fixing what’s wrong with themselves, they choose to attack and bring others down, to fulfill their lack of confidence. However, it doesn’t help. Humiliating doesn’t make you look high. Otherwise, you sound like a coward.


If you want to try to realize, there’s a human living behind the account you’re talking bad about. Somebody who has a heart as you are, who can get depressed as you are, who can get a big impact from what you think it is nothing.

And if something needs to get criticized, do that in a private place. Don’t judge them in public, and if you really want to criticize something, don’t ever forget to add your solution. Ask them to discuss, repair the mistakes, and make life to be a better place to live in.

Stop hate speech, it doesn’t make you look cool at all.



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