-Life Lesson-

Just do it

Have you ever feel upset when you want to do something, but you have no idea how the way you do it? You’re too busy planning, thinking, figuring out, and then you realize that you’ve spent too much time just on preparing.

Looking back through the past few years, I wished I could write a novel. I really loved mystery and science fiction novel, I loved the feel of getting flow in the story, got hyped when I found an unexpected ending, and finally, I decided to create my own. A good one. I dreamed to see my books displayed in bookshelves on many bookstores. I dreamed to be a writer, that day.

I spent so much time researching, finding ideas, making a great plot, I have such a high expectation for myself. But then, the project didn’t work well as it could be. I finally realized that I didn’t have enough knowledge. I didn’t have much time to researching, I’m not as capable as I wished. but I didn’t want to create a-not-amazing-story. Finally, I got frustrated. That novel was never finished.

The different things came from my creating short poems experience. That time, I thought I wanted to do it for myself. I don’t care whether those are great poems or not, I don’t care whether someone could read it or not, I just wanted to do my best on it. And that time, I created a bunch of poems, I spent so many notebooks for it, and those are really done.

The lesson I learned is, done is much better than perfect. You don’t have to create faultless work especially for the first time, you don’t have to be amazing, but you have to do it. Everyone grows. You don’t have to be perfect today. But you have to push yourself to give your best effort in doing your project. Then you can improve it later. The first thing is, just do it. Do it for your own sake. Don’t wish the reward, because the best reward you can get is you’ve done with it.

My poems weren’t created to be published. They’re not my massive project. I created them by my intuition. I found so many mistakes there. They’re not perfect, even far from perfect. But at least they’re undoubtedly done.

Planning, thinking, talking, or preparing is not as important as doing. A brilliant idea is nothing without action. Just do your best, and perfection will come itself.

Happy Friday, thanks for reading.

– Auru


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