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Dealing with Overwhelm

Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. It happens to everybody, and it’s thoroughly natural. It happens when we are in the middle of so many  problems which we can’t solve, and slowly we feel lost.

I get overwhelmed a lot of time, i’m scared of so many things. I’m at my last year of school, and everything is getting worse here.

One day, in my course, my teacher taught me how to deal with feeling overwhelm. I learnt so much that day, and now i’m getting better. I’m not as pressured as before, i do not cry as often anymore. And slowly i can solve my problems in better ways.

Now i’m going to share what i got that time, and i hope it can help you a little bit.

Keep Calm

The first thing you need to do is calm yourself down. Because you can’t think clearly when you’re panic. Calm down, and see what the good things are going to happen. Believe there will be solutions on what you’re overwhelmed about. But the key is, trust yourself.

Look at What Makes You Feel Overwhelmed

Look at what makes you feel really stressful and overwhelm. List them, one by one. See what you’re really weak at, and ask yourself why you can’t do that (or why do you think you’re too busy to work on that)

Work on it, ONE BY ONE

Basically, our brain can solve every single problem it finds. The amazing thing about human brain is we can adapt on any situation. Brain can finds the way. There is ALWAYS solution. But sadly, it designed to solve things one by one. You can’t force your brain to multitask, especially when those task are hard to solve. Therefore, you need to solve it and deal with it one at a time. Work on it, one by one until you get to the point where you realize that your problems are as huge as you thought it was before.

Ask an expert

If you still can’t find any worth solution to do, ask an expert. Ask your teacher, ask your mentor, psychologist, doctor, or it can also be your friends. Ask them to help you to find a way. You’re not alone.

Don’t stop when you’re on fire

Do it until you really master it, or at least when your brain feel tired with it. Don’t stop when you’ve done one task just because you think it’s easy. Because if you stop, whenever you meet other similar problem, you’ll get lost again. Do more. Do more until you’re tired, do more until you master it. Don’t waste your time because it’s not easy to get yourself to get in the mood on doing so.

Maybe your troubles are not as simple as what i’ve said before. Probably you need more to deal with your own obstacles. But i hope it can helps a little bit.

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