-Life Lesson-

Sometimes It Might be Fine to be Selfish

Well i’m not a good girl who you can admire with, nor a bad person who you can distgust of. No. I’m just a common teenager sit in the place where everyone do.

I dreamt to inspire someone though. Truthfully i want to be the reason of someone who says “Because of you, i’m not give up.”

I do.

I try to consider everyone’s feelings, take myself at their side as possible as i can. And appreciate them.

In case any of you are doing like what i’ve been doing, and it break you down slowly, probably you should read it.

I’m not advising a bad habit into you, no i don’t mean that. I’m just letting out my random thought, and wake you up. Hey, life isn’t that sweet.

You do kindnesses to everyone, even if sometimes it sacrifices yourself. But at the end, usually what you got is nothing. You try to think about someone else, you try to care with them, but no one cares about your feeling.

No one cares about how it hurts you, and they just complaining about how selfish you are at one other time. They care about themselves, but who will bat an eye on you.

As i thought,

Sometimes it’s not wrong to defend yourself. YOU deserve to be happy. You deserve to beatify yourself, at one time. You don’t need to be broken just because of someone’s happy. If they love you, they’ll understand.

Being selfish isn’t always wrong, as long as you still remember where the limit is.

Don’t sacrifice yourself too deep. You have your own place on this universe, but remember world is not only yours. You have to share, but don’t forget with your portion.

Have a nice weekend^^


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