That Inspiring Highschool girl’s Blog

I’ve stalked a highschool girl’s blog, and i think that she is very very inspiring lmao

How cute the way she explains her feelings, fresh and “very teen’s”

And i salute af with the fact that she can show her feel bravely even if that’s kinda private stuff.

She brings her story so damn good, and she is 16th! We have the same age

And I’ve a bit annoyed, no it just seems like i felt envy(?) for what she did.. That’s the bad me, sometimes i often compare myself with others even if i know i’ll always being stressed at the end. BUT IDK HOW TO FIX IT :””D

My blog is such a mess, unorganized, and ah okay i shouldn’t compare it with hers bcs i will find 1000000000000000000000+ reasons to hate myself XD

Maybe i just needed to sound my mind bravely.

And also, idk how to write longer like “hey i want to post something but i got no idea so i’ll write anything in around my head carelessly”


Tbh, here i found no one around me who loved to share journey or even stalk to other’s life story ((((what a bored i am)))) so i have no motivation to blog my experiences

Is it wrong?

I wished to be a good blogger since i am 12th. I made so much blog but i deactivated them all, except this site. Hopefully i can be more consistent here :<

I schooled at a favorite school in my city, which is i should focus on my academic grades.. But i felt like it’s not me! I fear of losing, regretting, if i just life at books and scores. Finally i tried to develop myself with something i love even if it’s not related with my school stuff, as long as it’s good for my life. That’s why i choosed to be active(? ) on organization and blogging life 😀

anyway, happy holiday!! 😘


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